Another Win for SCRUBBOX @ Waterway Terraces

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Air & Odor Management (AOM) is pleased to announce that SCRUBBOX, our kitchen exhaust electrostatic air cleaner, is the selected kitchen exhaust filtration equipment for Punggol’s iconic Waterway Terraces’ Food Centre. The system’s unrivaled filtration efficiency of 98.1% projects it to be most suitable for green developments.

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Mimicking rice fields of Southeast Asia, the design of Waterway Terraces serves as an unequivocal response to requirements of sustainable, high-density urban lifestyle. The apartments are shielded from heat and rain by undulating ribbons, which also act as decorative sun-shading devices.


A continuous no-dead-end corridor runs the length of every floor in each of the two sectors, facilitating cross-ventilation and vertical cooling without blocking airflow to the apartments. Waterway Terraces is a genuine precursor to zero-energy mass housing that will be essential for the continued growth of Asia’s highly-populated cities.

AOM is indeed honoured that SCRUBBOX is selected to be part of this iconic sustainable public housing project. We look forward to making the environment much better for all members of the community through similar projects in the future.