Air Purification

Shielded from the outdoor environment, a unique set of environmental problems lay abreast for indoor premises. These problems are exacerbated by unnecessary cost-saving energy strategies, such as reducing fresh air intake and usage of low-rated filters.

As a result of innate biological and metabolic functions of humans, their excreta, possibly carrying along potential disease-bearing pathogens, are exposed to the immediate indoor environment. If left untreated, these could cause Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and eventually lead to Building Related Illnesses (BRI). BRI includes, but not limited to, headache, fatigue, general malaise, eye/skin irritations, nasal manifestations, Pontiac/Humidifier Fever (a.k.a. Monday Morning Phenomenon), and Tuberculosis. As such, health issues arisen from poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) hit the hospitality industry in losses over US$19 billion annually due to increased absenteeism, turnover, and lower productivity.

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While monetary losses are recoverable, those on health and time are irreversible. With every minute individuals forsake IAQ in their indoor environment, the same amount of time will be lost in remediating future damages. Therefore, good indoor environment marks a smart investment.

At Air & Odor Management (AOM), we recognize healthy indoor air to be a basic right, and thus provide an array of air cleaning equipment from portable air purifiers, to ceiling air cleaners, air disinfection units, and many more. In doing so, we cater to almost every air quality need and will definitely serve as the missing piece in your environment or premise.