Ambient Scenting

Of all our senses, smell is presented as the most powerful trigger of emotions and memory. Ambient Scenting/Scent Marketing is an effective tool to engage customers, extend a product’s reach, improve a brand’s position in the mind of the consumer, and create a pleasant environment where customers feel comfortable, energized, and inspired. Companies looking to provide memorable and welcoming experiences for their clients have always relied on scents. People say using a signature scent to burnish a brand is the sign of a sophisticated marketer. We agree, of course.


Air & Odor Management (AOM) has scoured the globe to bring you one of the most advanced scenting technologies you can find: The ScentLinq Scent Diffusion System. Utilizing nanotechnology, scent diffusion releases fine scent mist to allow the air stream to stay dry. Ultra-light particles allow each unique scent to travel further and stay longer in the air.

In addition, we provide fragrance customization and scent adaptation service for our clients who desire a customised (signature) scent or a “scent logo” for their businesses. Our proprietary range of scents are all based on natural, plant-extracted essentials oils, and have been certified by laboratories and government health departments worldwide to be safe – including the International Fragrance Association (IFA).


Our scenting system, designed and produced in Turkey and the United States, has proved so popular it is used in more than 20 countries. Our scenting clientele includes the landmark Pavilion shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur, the luxurious Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore, and Resorts World Manila in the Philippines – not to mention the other various premiere companies in the hotel, hospitality, F&B, retail, and medical industries.

What this means for your business: better savings, greater brand recognition, and happier customers – all in a neat, little discreet package.

Other Benefits of Ambient Scenting: 

  • Stimulates sales
  • Enhances brand communication
  • Encourages customers to stay longer
  • Evokes pleasurable memories and reduces stress
  • Creates positive associations/memories with an event or experience
  • Sets the desired mood