Further developed with research materials from the United Kingdom’s (UK) Ministry of Defence, AirVaccine 015+ is capable of producing up to 10 times more OH radicals than conventional air purifiers to disinfect your indoor air. Leveraging on the cascade reaction, OH radicals are re-generated after every disinfection process – allowing AirVaccine 015+ to cover an effective area up to 120 sqm.

Targeting structural integrities of bacteria, viruses and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) specifically, these indoor air pollutants are easily broken down and rendered harmless in the environment. AirVaccine 015+ helps to alleviate Sick House Syndrome, relieve Allergic Hypersensitivity Reactions and improve Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) amongst many other benefits.

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Product Description

OH radicals are one of the most powerful oxidants in the atmosphere – only bettered by fluorine. Also known as the detergent of the atmosphere, they strip off a hydrogen atom from bacteria/viruses/Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), destabilizing their structural integrities – rendering them harmless.

OH Radical Reaction

Reacting permissible low concentrations of ozone with hydrogen peroxide (a reaction method that stems from a research from UK’s Ministry of Defence), OH radicals produced by AirVaccine015+ to disinfect the air is up to 10 times more than Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO), the conventional method of OH radical generation for most air purifiers. Furthermore, the cascading reaction (also known as domino reaction) allows for OH radicals to be re-generated after every disinfection process – thus allowing coverage of up to 120 sqm on minimal power consumption.

OH Radical Cascade Reaction

AirVaccine015+ has been stringently tested by Korea Conformity Laboratories to remove Bacteria (99.9%) [e.g. E.Coli], Vaccinia Virus (99.84%) [e.g. Smallpox], Influenza Type A Virus (98.03%) [e.g. H1N1], and VOCs (95%).

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345 x 136 x 241 (mm)


220-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption


Disinfection Efficiency

99.90% (Bacteria [e.g. Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, etc.])
99.84% (Vaccinia Virus [e.g. Smallpox])
98.03% (Influenza Type A Virus [e.g. H1N1])
Up to 95% (VOCs)

Ozone Concentration

0.03ppm (well below NEA’s acceptable level of 0.1ppm)

•OH Concentration

10,000,000 / cc

Coverage Area

120 sqm

Noise Level

35 dBA

Replaceable Cartridge


Wall-Mount Option