Xstreme® Vapor Solution

Xstreme® Vapor Solutions are a waterless blend of ECOLO’s patented essential oil technology specially designed for use with Xstreme® Vapor Units to aid in odor treatment applications.

These solutions act as effective waterless odor neutralizer utilizing advanced air-contact technology that promises to be safe, immediate and long-lasting.

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Product Description

ECOLO’s Xstreme® Vapor Solutions provide comprehensive odor treatment application when dispensed with specifically designed Xstreme® Vapor Unit. Upon vaporization, ultra fine particles of these solutions neutralize a broad spectrum of nuisance odors associated with organic wastes. Odor molecules, upon contact with these particles, are converted into non-volatile compounds to dramatically reduce odor concentration and intensity.

Created with complex blends of essential oils and odoriferous organic compounds common to ECOLO’s AirSolution™, Xstreme® Vapor Solutions can be applied directly without mixing. Compared with other odor treatment systems, the Xstreme® Vapor misting system and solution range of products, holistically, are able to provide uniform coverage and intensity of odor-treating vapor in enclosed spaces for optimal remediation effects.


XStreme® Vapor Solutions

#8015 Fresh & Clean (15)
#8023 Southern Breeze (23)

Odor Characteristics

15: Balsam Spruce
23: Citrus Blend


15: Hygienic
23: Reviving


Clear liquid

Specific Gravity (@20°C)

15: 0.940 – 0.955,
23: 0.935 – 0.950

Code #

15: 6 X 500ml (50-XST-8015-B6.5), 4 X 1L (50-XST-8015-B41)
23: 6 X 500ml (50-XST-8023-B6.5), 4 X 1L (50-XST-8023-B41)


15: Effective on animal holding areas, slaughterhouses, sewage, wastewater and other organic odors
23: Effective on dry wastes and recommended for garbage rooms and disposal sites