AOM Anti-Mosquito Wristband

AOM’s Anti-Mosquito Wristband comes complete with a Citronella based repellent to repel mosquitoes around radius of the band-bearer.

Product Description

A specially catered pocket on the wristband will be fitted with our citronella based repellent patch to aid in repelling mosquitoes effectively.

For better comfort and durability

  • Fabricated with neoprene material of great chemical/ physical resistance, flexibility and cushioning capabilities

One size fits all

  • Adjustable Velcro to accommodate wide range of wrist sizes while maintaining the band’s trendy outlook


Notable features

Fabricated with neoprene material, adjustable Velcro

Wristband with citronella based repellent patch

Sold per piece

Repellent patch refill

In 3 pieces